The perfect location not only for the Game of Thrones wedding:

Welcome to Gozo, a Mediterranean jewel where you can enjoy life with all your senses!

A dream come true for all people in love: a wedding on a beautiful island, where the sun shines down from the sky and the sound of the sea is only a few steps away.

Any couple who wants to make this dream come true should definitely consider Gozo. We don’t want to say anything against the likes of Mallorca, Bali or the Maldives. Of course, these destinations have their charms too. But if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and prefer an idyllic setting, the Mediterranean island of Gozo is the place to be for (not only) your dream wedding.

The reason for this is the amazing diversity of the island itself: Where else can you find so many magnificent churches in such a relatively small area? With artistic interiors that in many cases resemble treasure chests. And where else can you find, almost side by side, spectacular locations that have been or are being used for major Hollywood film and television productions – and are therefore ideal for a glamorous photo shoot with the bridal couple?

The vibrant culture and wide choice of accommodation, from 5-star hotels to boutique hotels and chic apartments like ours at Villa Marni, also make Gozo an easy choice. Not forgetting, of course, the help you can expect when it comes to the paperwork involved in creating the perfect wedding. There are a number of friendly hosts and organisers, including the Catholic Church, who can provide professional assistance in planning – and carrying out – what is probably the most important day of your life.

One thing is clear: every same-sex marriage is respected here.

And let there be no misunderstanding: Gozo, like its big sister Malta, is a modern and open-minded destination. Those who want to say “I do” in a civil ceremony are not asked about their gender. In terms of respect for the LGBTQIA+ community, the laws in Malta and Gozo are among the most progressive in Europe – the wedding should be about love and nothing else.

So, in all honesty, are you already feeling the desire to have your dream wedding here in Gozo? If so, more details on this special topic will follow shortly…

Take in this jewel of the Mediterranean with all your senses - here are five tips for trips to this real gem.

But first you should know a little more about Gozo, this little and sparkling jewel in the Mediterranean…

Yet with so much to see and do in Gozo’s 67 square kilometres, where do you start and where do you stop? I think the best place to start is with a recent event that immediately reveals a lot about the island’s identity and, more importantly, about its people, the Gozitans.

Here’s the deal: just a few days ago, a team of 40 Gozitans returned from the Island Games held on the British Channel Island of Guernsey. With gold, silver and bronze medals in their luggage, by the way…. It was Gozo, not Malta, that took part in the 24-island competition, with its own team and flag. Wonder what that flag looks like? You can find it here on the blog…

Gozo Ferry

What is clear is this: The people of Gozo are happy and committed citizens of the Republic of Malta. But all Gozitans are at least as proud of their own identity, of their compelling history through the ages. A good example of how far back Gozo’s history goes is our first gem of an excursion tip:



The Ġgantija temple complex near the village of Xagħra

A must see! What you see there is one of the world’s oldest free-standing Stone Age complexes still standing.

You notice it: Suddenly we are in the middle of Gozo. And we are already on our way to the next highly interesting destination.

Ġgantija Temple, Gozo

So here it comes, jewel tip number 2:



The Sanap Cliffs near the village of Munxar.

I don’t like to promise too much. But the view from these cliffs across the deep blue sea to Malta is simply magnificent, also according to others who have been there.

If you visit these cliffs, be careful. The cliffs are over 100 metres high, so never get too close to the edge!

Sanap Cliffs, Munxar, Gozo

But now it’s time for jewel tip number 3, another sight worth seeing:



The Inland Sea

is a naturally formed salt water lagoon at a place called Dwejra.

This small, unique bathing paradise is connected to the open Mediterranean by an 80-metre tunnel. The water here is crystal clear and crowned by the sheer cliffs around it. Speaking of crowned: Just across the land from the sea here in Dwejra is a world-famous spot. In keeping with the theme of marriage, one of the most iconic scenes from the TV series Game of Thrones was filmed on this rocky outcrop. You guessed it: the Dothraki wedding of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. The director was lucky enough to film with the Azure Window in the background. The distinctive arch is no longer visible as it collapsed during a winter storm. However, it is well worth the few minutes’ walk from the Inland Sea to the aforementioned rock plateau. This important Game of Thrones location is therefore jewel tip number 3.

Inland Sea, Dwejra, Gozo

After 3 comes 4, in fact jewel number 4, the Marsalforn salt pans.



Marsalforn salt pans

Located just west of Marsalforn, this sight is over 300 years old. All along the coast there are salt pans from which, to this day, a few Gozitan families extract sea salt with the help of the sun. This is something to keep in mind: Gozitan sea salt can be bought all over the island, especially in small traditional shops… an inexpensive souvenir that will remind you of your stay on the island with every meal at home after your return from Gozo.  

Marsalforn Salt Pans, Gozo

A really strong number, Jewel Tip 5 with the Basilica of Ta’ Pinu.



Basilica of Ta' Pinu

Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis all visited this Gozitan sanctuary and were impressed – if that isn’t reason enough to do the same. In one of the sections of this relatively young but imposing church, there is a large collection of thank you notes from Maltese and Gozitan people who have had their prayers and petitions answered. And then miracles began to happen, big and small. Illnesses were overcome, disputes ended, a healthy child was born, a long-awaited partner for love was found – in short, everything that helps and has helped people to live a good and happy life…

Basilica of Ta' Pinu, Gozo

…and that’s exactly why we come back to your happiness in love and the ideal wedding destination, Gozo!

Whether modern or classic, a little wild or decidedly formal, whatever kind of celebration or party you have in mind for your big day, it can be achieved on the island. This means that from the musical accompaniment, a stately limousine or, if you wish, a horse-drawn carriage, the make-up and imaginative hair stylists, the marquee or event hall, the accompaniment of experienced photographers and videographers, the bridal decorations and flowers… everything is possible and will be fulfilled. Of course, if you want, you can also get a great fireworks display….

Wedding, Gozo

The legal requirements and necessary formalities / Knowledge of the English language makes many things easier and should be understood and spoken by at least one of the future spouses

Malta and Gozo are part of the European Union. The register of marriages regulates all marriages on both islands, whether they take place in a church or at a registry office. On this basis, all couples wishing to marry in Gozo can choose between a civil ceremony and a religious ceremony. In either case, the legal requirements/formalities can be arranged in advance from your home country – with the relevant authorities here on the islands willing to assist actively. Important: Between three months and no later than six weeks before the date of the planned marriage, the couple should apply for publication in the public registry.

These requirements apply equally to religious and civil marriages. The official language in Gozo and Malta, apart from Maltese, is English. It is a considerable advantage if at least one of the prospective spouses is able to speak and write English. As far as professional assistance from Gozitan or Maltese wedding agencies and planners is concerned, you will find various providers on the Internet under the keyword “Wedding Planner”.

As regards contact with the authorities, the main addresses are as follows:


For civil marriage:  

Gozo Public Registry Phone Number:
+356 2215 6385

E-mail account:


For religious marriage:

Gozo Curia Phone Number:
+356 2155 1211

Email account:

P.S.: Something not to be forgotten: Of course, Gozo is also a wonderful destination for a honeymoon – or a bachelor or bachelorette party. For a relaxing holiday in any case.


DJAMANT Maisonette

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