Back to my preferred holiday destination: Gozo and Villa Marni!

So finally, having been cooped up for a long time, I am flying back to Gozo, the small island I fell in love with. And after days spending exploring the island, I shall enjoy staying at Villa Marni, which I feel like a luxury second home and an oasis to relax and fill up my energy reservoir.

I have been looking forward to attending the Feast of St. Marija (St. Mary) in Victoria, celebrating the Assumption of Our Lady. As I remember it, the event takes place in the course of many days, culminating in the procession of the Santa Marija statue (1896), which after having traversed the city historic centre, is brought “home” to the Church in the Citadel.

If you are thinking that it is a boring, stuffy ceremony with prelates waving incense around and old, black clad women praying non-stop, you couldn’t be more wrong: All the inhabitants take part and party with abandon, of course according to their respective age. As I said, the celebrations go on for days and the available offer can satisfy all tastes.

Take a look at the pictures I shot last time:

Regretfully, following an alarming peak in the Covid numbers, the Feast was cancelled. But still, people on Gozo haven’t lost an ounce of their joie de vivre and make do with the restricted possibilities and welcome everybody with warmth and kindness. I am, therefore, still really excited to set my feet again on the Gozitan streets.

…said feet, and not only they, urgently need a timeout and I am equally excited to reside in my chosen domicile: Villa Marni.

Villa Marni underwent an upgrade and restyling during the quiet months and offers now a choice of apartments that can be selected according to your mood.

I explain: They are dedicated to different landscapes and I, coming in from a sweltering heat outside, felt particularly attracted to the apartment themed “Luna”.

Luna is the Latin and Italian name of our satellite, the Moon, and the name of the Roman goddess representing it. For me, the moon is associated with a silvery, cooling atmosphere and I think it is the perfect choice if you want to cool down, relax and enjoy your downtime beside the pool.

The apartment comprises a bedroom and a very large cooking and living area. I always appreciate if the bedroom is separated, as I feel the environment is more cultivated if you have an enclosed, reserved space for sleeping and an open, airy space for living. And with the floor to ceiling sliding doors in the living room there is plenty of air and light!!

My hosts, Simon and Janina, are extremely kind and welcoming but still unobtrusive, so you feel at home but with the due amount of privacy.

The apartment offers every possible appliance, including chairs on the balcony, so you can really let go of every worry while staying there.

But you should take a look at the pictures, which speak for themselves …

And those were my thoughts today, see you next time!!


Luna Apartment

Luna is a private one bedroom airy and luxurious unit that boasts a modern and prestigious design. The unit is spread out on one floor and encompasses an open floor design connecting the kitchen, living and dining. …

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